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Sep 082013

Here’s the deal. Our Facebook page has just reached over 250 likes. When we reach our goal of 500 we will be hosting a social contest.


  • 1st prize: A black Coach handbag($130 value) with a secondary gift inside
  • 2nd prize: $50 gift card for Victoria’s Secrete
  • 3rd prize: $25 gift card for Victoria’s Secrete
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(All winners also receive a 1-2hr photo shoot with cd & a promotional WTF shirt)

The how:

Each person wanting to enter this contest must submit a photo of yourself (no selfies. Try to send the best quality shot you can) via our contact pg at www.wtf-pro.com/contact-us/ .Where then I will post your shots and send you a link. *please leave a brief bio and current contact details* Now here’s where the reel work starts. Now its on you to get the votes in. The votes are what determine the winner’s. Not I.

The when:

You can start submitting now, but the contest starts at 500 likes. And it will last exactly 1 month after that day. Where the winners will be contacted concerning their prize.

Thank You all for the support and good luck.

Brock Burgess

Introduction :)

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May 282013

[portfolio_slideshow id=419]

Hi. I’m Jessica and one of WTF Productions regular models. I have worked with WTF (Chad Perry  AKA: Brock Burgess) several times and I love his work! I do all kinds of modeling from photo shoots all the way to fashion shows. If you are looking for a photographer you have found one of the greatest. If you need a model check out my pages and contact me. Easiest way is by email or phone which can be accessed through any of my websites. For direct contact with me go to My website. Link below. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Hope to hear from you soon!

Jul 282012

Hello All.
This posting is to inform you all about my expanding. I am going pro with “GOPRO” cams. So many features.So many situations they can be used

Taking my time at it, but my goal is @ least 10 cam’s w/ wifi remotes. This will help expand my possibilities and productivity. These HD smart-phone/tablet operated cameras will be one of the instruments I utilize in my W.O.W. package (Weddings On The Web).  During shoots for a behind the scenes look.

Swimsuit Calendar Shoot

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Jun 072012

Hello ladies. Summers here and I’m sure you girls have pulled out your suits or purchased something new and your interested in how your looking in them. Well here’s your chance to do just that. Right now I’m doing swimsuit shoots for a promotional calendar. Not all will make the calendar, but everyone will receive a cd copy of there shoot and a few edits to boot. So get ready to update your ports and have some fun showing off for your fans. Total free, relaxed open minded. Also each shoot will have enough time devoted to you ladies to shoot multiple outfits if wanted. Check me out @ www.wtf-pro.com/contact-us/. Contacts are Chad@wtf-pro.com, 313-205-9911. See you soon and don’t forget to enjoy this wonderful weather while you can.

Sharpening the ol hawk.

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Mar 042012

Getting my hair cut by the lovely Jennifer @ wise guys. Check the place out. They are in the middle of remodeling. Will be a great new look. These girls are great with what they do. And take care of you the whole way through. They offer a full line of gentlemens care. I will be back in next week for my massage. See you all soon.

Sorry Everyone

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Dec 262011

Seems like the snow is slow to come. We will be scheduling the snow bunny shoot as soon as the setting is right. A few inches of snow that stay for more than a day. LOL. But don’t be shy if you would like to schedule a shoot of another type or need someone to follow your event. Contact us on the contact page and lets shoot. I also sent out Christmas cards for all the models i shot with this year. I really appreciate working with each and everyone of you. And looking forward to working with you in the future. Please spread the word that WTF Productions is the way to go when it comes to video/photography. Hope all had a great Christmas and a very good New Year to come.

Thank you!

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Dec 052011

I want to say thank-you to all the models that have helped me put together our swimsuit calendar this year. It was a real pleasure working with you, and continue to shoot for perfection. This next portion of this calendar is the snow bunny. This will be the fun one. Looking for strong willed ladies that aren’t afraid of the cold. We still have openings for this shoot. So tell your friends & family. Anyone that takes part will receive a cd of the shoot & a copy of the calendar. Happy Holidays.